Mining as a Service

MinedBlock offers the opportunity for investors to take advantage of using the resources from a large scale mining operation, mining multiple coins without the need to buy, configure and maintain expensive mining equipment.
We offer a fully managed mining service where you can rely on our team to look after the equipment and ensure they are working at maximum productivity 24/7 with the lowest operating costs.

Multiple Coins


MinedBlock host services using fully secure Data Centers. Mined coins will be held in fully encrypted cold storage until it is time to distribute earnings

Multiple Currencies

With MinedBlock MaaS there is no need to decide which coin or token you would like to mine as we mine a variety of different crypto to ensure you get a good spread and maximise profitability

Zero Configuration

With our platform, you’ll save time and effort as we manage the whole process for you so there is no configuration required from you

100% Transparency

We commit to acting in a fully transparent way. Everything we do or plan will be communicated to our community. You won't get caught out by any surprises!

Friendly Support

Our support team is here to ensure things runs smoothly, so you can get on with other things.

Portfolio Growth

Watch your portfolio grow when you use MinedBlock Mining. ETH will appear in your wallet on a regular basis

ICO Listings

Find our ICO listed on the sites below

Token Sale

MBTX Tokens are a utility token that can be used to pay for our mining services.
Holders will receive an equivalent share of the mining power and the resulting revenue based on their MBTX token holdings. Please see our Whitepaper for more information

We want our token sale to be fair to everyone so it is structured in a way to reward early buyers rather than a Private Pre-Sale so the earlier you buy, the more you get!

Token Sale start date to be announced on the 1st October 2018! Follow us for updates



Everyone loves free tokens so we are giving away 5,000,000 MBTX tokens in our airdrop
Follow the link below to sign up


You can earn tokens through our referral bounty to win some amazing prizes
We are giving away 1,500,000 MBTX tokens to the top 100 referrers

Bounty Rewards
1st Place - 300,000 MBTX
2nd Place - 200,000 MBTX
3rd Place - 150,000 MBTX
4th-5th Place - 75,000 MBTX
6th-10th Place - 50,000 MBTX
11th to 100th Place - 5,000 MBTX

Winners will be contacted for their ETH Addresses for token distribution at the end of the Token Sale


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Q1 2018
The Beginning

Project Concept Developed

The Details

Whitepaper Written
Company Name and Branding Defined

Q2 2018

Q3 2018
The Reveal

Website and Social Channels Launched
Whitepaper Released
Token Sale Announced
Token Sale Starts
Airdrop and Bounty Schemes Revealed

The Community Verdict

Initial ASIC and GPU Orders Placed
Datacenter Spaces Agreed

Q4 2018

Q1 2019
The Build

Mining Farm Builds
Mining Begins
Exchange Listings

The Result

Token Sale Ends
Final ASIC and GPU Orders Placed

Q2 2019

Q3 2019
The Growth

Revenue Distribution Begins
Token Buy Back Starts

The Next Steps

Solar Farm Feasibility Study

The Future!

Meet the Team


Matt Ruff

Marketing Director


Greg Wales

Managing Director


Paul Bishop

Operations Director