The MinedBlock pre-sale is open from 1st October to 31st October
We haven't held a private sale as we want to offer the early bonuses to everyone
15% of the total supply is available during the pre-sale at up to 90% discount

See below for more details

**Exclusive Offer - Founder Status**

Buying anything in a pre-sale is risky, especially when it comes to Crypto.
For anyone who buys our MBTX token during the pre-sale we have the following offer:

• 60% of pre-sale funds raised will be used to build a dedicated Founders mining Farm

• Pre-sale buyers will be issued with a MinedBlock Founder Token so we can identify them when we run the monthly distribution

• Founding members will receive their share from the dedicated Founders Farm in addition to mining revenue from the main mining facilities when they go live

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity, get your tokens at up to 90% off while they are still available

Pre Sale Stage 1

20,000,000 MBTX

*Founder Status*
90% Discount
Minimum purchase of 20,000 MBTX
Use the code "90off" at the checkout

Pre Sale Stage 2

40,000,000 MBTX

*Founder Status*
85% Discount
Minimum purchase of 13,000 MBTX
Use the code "85off" at the checkout

Token Details





Total Supply


Available in ICO

365,000,000 (91%)

ICO Price


Buy With


Soft Cap


Hard Cap

365m MBTX